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Technical Requirements

ATTENTION! When you log in for the first time please clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Proper use of the new Inwestor online service requires a stable version of Internet browsers and the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player application.

In particular, we recommend the following operating systems and browsers:
- Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 / Mozilla Firefox version 19.0, Google Chrome version 24.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0 (32-bit) or 9.0 (32-bit),
- Linux/GNU Ubuntu 12.04 / Mozilla Firefox version 19.0,
- Mac OS 10.8 / Safari version 6.0.
Other web browsers, especially the Internet Explorer version 6.0 and 7.0, might not provide complete working comfort and Santander Brokerage Poland can not guarantee the correct operation of the service in the aforementioned browsers.

Additionally it is required to have a web browser's Adobe Flash Player version 11.6 plug-in.

We recommend download the software only from the producer's website.

Attention! When you block cookies in your browser you will not be able to log-in to the Inwestor online web platform.

How to become a user of Inwestor online service?
Open brokerage account without leaving your home and start investing in one of the top brokerage houses in Poland! Everything can be done remotely!
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Good to know
Using the service is possible after conclusion of the Agreement for the provision of brokerage services with Santander Brokerage Poland. Specific information can be found:
- on the website in English version How to start investing bookmark,
- in any Client Service Point of Santander Brokerage Poland,
- in Contact Center, phone no.: 801 36 46 36 (in Poland only) or + 48 61 856 44 44 CET (standard operator's charges apply), option #4, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m, working days, e-mail: bm.inwestor@santander.pl

OTC transactions

Please note!
Always check website address and certificate where you enter the access codes (NIK number, PIN code), especially if the link to website leads from an e-mail. In case of doubt please contact us at the address bm.inwestor@santander.pl

If you have entered an invalid PIN code three times, the acess to the Inwestor online / mobile service will automatically be blocked. In this case you will need to enter the NIK number and PUK unlock code (PUK code you received together with PIN code). If you do not remember your PUK code, in order to unlock access to the Inwestor online / mobile service, please contact us at 801 36 46 36 (in Poland only) or + 48 61 856 44 44 CET (standard operator's charges apply), 9 a.m. - 5 p.m, working days.